Vekita Entrepreneur Sample

Vekita Entrepreneur Sample

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Until it is here, please enjoy this sample. 

What to expect:

Vekita Entrepreneur is a strength-based guidebook that will take entrepreneurs through ideation to scaling profits. This includes:

  • Discovering your entrepreneurial strengths and areas of improvement 
  • Pairing your strengths and interests with your business 
  • Designing your ideal working environment 
  • Building a team and company culture
  • Getting clear on your users
  • Testing your idea with little to no money
  • Deciding on your business model
  • Understanding funding options
  • Scaling
  • Mindset
  • Networking
  • Mentorship
  • Navigating challenges
  • Having difficult conversations
  • Mission drift
  • Making hard decisions
  • Motivating you and your team 
  • Celebrating the wins
  • Tools for founders well-being

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