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A.I. - What Does The Future Have In Store For The Workforce?

Insert Morgan Freeman voiceover “It is 2060 and ____” Although it may feel like we are writing the next great science fiction movie, we are not. We are writing the realities of our futures. The integration of AI and Machine Learning has been gaining momentum for decades. There is no going backward. Right now is the crucial moment for laying a  foundation for AI’s global impact. By reading this article you will have the chance to explore both possible utopian and dystopian outcomes from this AI future we are entering. Having this knowledge gives you, the reader, more power to help shape the plot of society’s story toward a brighter future. The chances of a utopian or dystopian future with...

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Feminine and Masculine Workforce Dynamics

Men and women both possess masculine and feminine qualities and each person lands within a range on the spectrum. Having the ability to harness both masculine and feminine qualities makes you a stronger leader and a more effective team member. For example, if you want to build relationships within a team stepping into the feminine is helpful. If you need to create order and structure within the team utilizing masculine traits may be the archetype needed. Each of us has default tendencies, which are typically related to our gender identity. Where each person falls on the scale is adaptable and dynamic. No matter how you identify, finding a balance between feminine and masculine can be helpful in all aspects of...

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Job fit: when the right person is in the wrong job

The following article highlights why businesses want people in the right roles.  Job fit is critical to every employee’s success – and ultimately, your business’s success as well. Having the right people in the right roles can propel your organization to new heights. When the fit is there, it’s nothing short of magical. Your business seems to run like a well-oiled machine. But what about when the fit isn’t right? How does this even happen, if you’re diligent in your screening and interviewing of job candidates? There are usually a couple of possible scenarios. Maybe you hired someone who seemed like the best fit for the role, and you were both excited for them to start. As the new employee settles...

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