“This interactive guidebook is a game changer from everything else out there. Full Potential has a well rounded approach incorporating all the pieces you need to identify your best career and life choices. What do I want in life? Who am I? How does that align to my career? This book inspires you to pause and self-reflect but doesn’t stop there. It also provides you with practical exercises and tips to translate inspiration into action. I have used activities out of Full Potential with clients who have found them invaluable with identifying their path.”

       Kristin Muellner
       Professional Coach
       Customer Storytelling Director at SAP

“Full Potential is a brilliant, engaging guide to one of the deepest questions we can ask: What is my purpose, and how can I fulfill it? Travel with author Nicole on this journey full of inspiration, insight, and guidance to help you discover your full potential."

        Dacher Keltner
        Founder and Faculty Director, Greater Good Science Center 
        Professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley

"Full Potential puts forth the wisdom and hands-on work to support you with identifying a career that bridges who you are and your lifestyle choices to create your ideal life. This guidebook lays out the canvas upon which you will paint the path forward toward the most alive expression of yourself. We each hold the power to choose to create an aligned life for ourselves. The fact that you are reading this indicates you are already in touch with that truth."

         Oren Shai 
         Senior Team Performance Coach at LinkedIn

"Nicole Serena Silver's book, Full Potential, is brimming with user-friendly and profoundly useful guidance - from exploration of defining patterns in our lives, to the process of aligning with passions and potentials, to the rubber-meets-the-road work of goal-setting. I offer her a hearty high-five."

   Gregg Levoy
   Author of Callings: Finding and Following an Authentic Life (Random House)           and Vital Signs: The Nurture and Nature of Passion (Penguin)

Personal fulfilment for me has been the freedom to chase my wildest dreams to the very ends of my ambitions. Three times I’ve been hired directly into a visualized job role.  When I no longer wanted the constraints of a 9 to 5, I traveled the world as an author, speaker and executive. Through trial and error I eventually constructed a life that I can’t wait to wake up to every morning. Nicole’s Full Potential guide is the step-by-step framework I wish I’d had early on to avoid wasting even one second of time living outside of or confused about my purpose.  There is simply no excuse not to afford yourself this level of clarity and road-mapping for a direct route to a more joyful, productive and successful life.

         Jaunique Sealey
         Author, Executive and Entrepreneur

“In career and life we need to balance making and letting things happen.  This masterful workbook helps people at any stage of life with both. Life is best lived with action AND reflection. This collection of wisdom and exercises, composed by Nicole who is a talented life guide, supercharges both domains.  It's a blueprint for fully BEing that you will empty a pen in.”     

        Bryan Breckenridge
        Founding Executive Director of box.org
        Former Director of nonprofits for Salesforce and LinkedIn

Full Potential is an absolute must-have for everyone. In order to be happy and truly fulfilled, we must engage in work that fulfil us from within; work that aligns with who we are at the core. I am excited and proud that Nicole has put this out into the world. It is a gift from the Universe. We need more people who come alive, who are engaged in what they do every single day.”

        Mo Seetubtim
        Founder of the Happiness Planner

“I was one of Nicole’s first students and, let me tell you, she has a real gift for leading you through a self reflective journey of career exploration. I learned so many important kernels of wisdom about myself, and I learned to be proud of the parts of myself I was once insecure about. Going through her program changed my life. I feel new and revitalized, and actually placed on the right path.”

        Lindsay S.
        Vekita Full Potential Participant

“This guidebook was eye opening. I was feeling a little stuck and unsure about my current career. Vekita Full Potential helped me realise all that was needed was a couple tweaks to my role. I am in the middle of making those changes and it feels like a huge weight off my shoulders. I am again reengaged and excited about my job.”

Karen J.
Vekita Full Potential Participant

“I wish I had this book after high school. I had no idea of who I was or what I wanted to be. This easy to read and practical guidebook could have saved me 2 major career changes. It's comprehensive, covering everything from self discovery, your values, what would be an ideal career and what that looks like, and you get to build a blueprint to guide you along the way. I like the blueprint because it gives you actions items to help you research, write a resume, build your brand, network, set up informational interviews, and create your personal brand. This is REQUIRED for everyone entering the workforce or thinking about changing careers!”

Lucy K
Vekita Full Potential Participant

“WHOA there are major insights to be had throughout this book. The Full Potential Guidebook is not an "advice" or self help book. It takes you through thoughtful and unexpected exercises and actually gets you thinking (not just aimlessly pumped up for a short period of time). I've never been interested in the other career books out there, and my style is more about looking inward to see what I want. Some days that's harder to do than others (especially in a disaster that is 2020), and this is the book to help you go the distance. Reminder (mainly to myself, but also to others): the results depend on the level of effort you're willing to invest - but this book motivates you to want to invest.”

Ruchi T.
Vekita Full Potential Participant

“I found Full Potential in the midst of struggling with serious doubt about finding a fulfilling career path. I immediately felt more inspired, supported, and energized to start the journey, empowered to work through the anxiety and uncertainty. Full Potential is rich with activities and exercises that help you hone your skills and passions, and guides you towards more effectively managing your life.”

Erik R.
Vekita Full Potential Participant