Business Consulting

Vekita business consulting specializes in working with startup founders to help them bring their businesses to life and also consulting with large companies to assist with their employees professional development. Many companies, both large and small, can hit roadblocks. It can be hard to see beyond the confines of what you know and often it is helpful to bring in an outside consultant to help bring clarity. 

Principle consultant:

Nicole Serena Silver has spent almost two decades as an entrepreneur and business advisor. She has her degree from U.C. Berkeley in Interdisciplinary Studies focused on the psychology and sociology of entrepreneurship. Nicole has led workshops for Fortune 50 companies such as SAP and LinkedIn, guest lectured at colleges such as U.C. Berkeley Haas, taught entrepreneurship internationally, and has served as an advisor for numerous startups. Her specialty is helping businesses develop a strong company foundation, refining and strengthening the business idea and pinpointing the target market outreach. Stay up-to-date on Nicole’s latest projects by visiting her at

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