Vekita Career and Life Coaching

Vekita Career and Life Coaching

We are currently only taking a limited amount of clients and are looking for more remarkable coaches for us to refer inquiries.

The Full Potential guidebook is a fantastic tool to use with a career coach. The guidebook provides the ideal foundation for coaches to help clients navigate all the elements related to finding the perfect career. Coaches can help with answering questions and have the ability to ask you questions to taking your insights a couple levels deeper. We have had great feedback and success from clients that used the guidebook along side a coach.

Vekita is a platform offering services from certified life coaches. Each of our coaches have gone through extensive vetting and training to provide you with high quality results related to the Full Potential Guidebook. Our coaches only take on clients that are truly ready to transform their lives. If you are interested in working with them please email us for the intake questionnaire -



Kristin Muellner

Kristin is a certified coach who is passionate about supporting people to recognize their own potential and live a more fulfilled life. As your coach, she is deeply committed to help you get clarity on who you are, what you want in your life & career and assist you in making the changes you desire. 

Kristin has worked at SAP as an  Internal Coach to support employees to recognize their own potential, design and implement specific, meaningful changes in their life through asking thought-provoking questions and fostering self-reflection.


Kimball Lane

Founder of Kimball Lane Coaching, a Human Development Consultancy service, Kimball has over 16 years of coaching experience. She is a certified coach in helping people leverage their strengths, identifying areas for skill building, and shift perspectives in order to further their personal mission. If you are poised to take yourself to the next level: we can work together to create a solid strategy complete with tactics to achieve your highest goals for success. 

Certified Coaching services are also available for CEO's, leadership and staff transition needs. I have experience with helping Executive leaders in leveraging their strengths, identifying areas for skill building, and shift perspectives in order to further the organizational mission.