Full Potential Guidebook Career Clarity and Development

Full Potential is a framework for getting clear on the key elements of who you are, helping you discover what career would be the best fit, as well as offering tools to support you in actualizing the life you want to create. This guidebook is for anyone seeking clarity on choosing their career, wanting to level-up in their current role, wanting to increase their employability, and/or wanting to live a more fulfilled life. 

Obtaining your full potential begins with a robust understanding of who you are. Having this clarity can be deployed throughout your life and in many situations, including how to make shifts due to the current global pandemic. You’ll learn the steps for actualizing the reality you want and have the foundation to adapt to any market. 

Watch the life you want come alive within the pages of Full Potential.       

The physical guidebook is available and you can also purchase a digital version by clicking HERE

 “This interactive guidebook is a game changer from everything else out there. Full Potential has a well rounded approach incorporating all the pieces you need to identify your best career and life choices. What do I want in life? Who am I? How does that align to my career? This book inspires you to pause and self-reflect but doesn’t stop there. It also provides you with practical exercises and tips to translate inspiration into action. I have used activities out of Full Potential with clients who have found them invaluable with identifying their path.”

       Kristin Muellner
       Professional Coach
       Customer Storytelling Director at SAP

“Full Potential is a brilliant, engaging guide to one of the deepest questions we can ask: What is my purpose, and how can I fulfill it? Travel with author Nicole on this journey full of inspiration, insight, and guidance to help you discover your full potential."

        Dacher Keltner
        Founder and Faculty Director, Greater Good Science Center 
        Professor of psychology at the University of California, Berkeley

"Full Potential puts forth the wisdom and hands-on work to support you with identifying a career that bridges who you are and your lifestyle choices to create your ideal life. This guidebook lays out the canvas upon which you will paint the path forward toward the most alive expression of yourself. We each hold the power to choose to create an aligned life for ourselves. The fact that you are reading this indicates you are already in touch with that truth."

         Oren Shai 
         Senior Team Performance Coach at LinkedIn

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