Corporate Speaking and Workshops

Book our founder Nicole Serena Silver for corporate speaking events and workshops. Bookings can range from a 60 minute session to a corporate team building retreat. For more information email:

In Demand Wellness Keynotes:

Mitigating Burnout - In this session participants will gain tools for creating more capacity, understand what drains them and what energizes them, and leave our time together with tangible tools. 

Calm In The Midst Of Chaos - Give your employees the gift of easy to implement tactics to help them navigate and find more peacefulness in stressful situations. 

In Demand Professional Development Keynotes:

Career Alignment For The Modern ProfessionalAn experiential session where participants will uncover key elements that can help them begin to discover their ideal careers.

Adjusting Or Redesign Your Career For Greater Career and Life SuccessThis session will address making adjustments to help you be in better alignment and thrive within your career.

In Demand Professional Entrepreneurial Keynotes:

True North Entrepreneurship - Discovering how your unique talents fit into business development.

Creating A Product Based On Your Users Needs - In this interactive session, participants will explore the intricacies of their user base to increase their business success.

Developing Your Company Or Team Culture - Developing a strong foundation through company culture is key for success and organizational ease.

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