Vekita Full Potential Announcement

Announcing our most comprehensive resource for finding career alignment, designed for this generation: the Vekita Full Potential Guidebook

We are beyond thrilled to announce the release of the Vekita Full Potential Guidebook, a step-by-step career counselling guidebook which offers a framework for self discovery, identifying one’s strengths, and understanding how personal values align with the perfect career. 

We’re especially pleased to offer the guidebook at this moment in our collective consciousness, because of its relevance, as all of us have been forced to pause and reevaluate. ‘Full Potential’ was written by Vekita founder Nicole Serena Silver, who found that other career discovery books lacked cohesiveness and user-friendly content for adults at a professional crossroads. Nicole knows firsthand what it means to take a leap of faith and dive into an unknown future with the aim of living a more fulfilling life. 

When the economy had a downturn in 2008, Nicole’s back was against the wall. She had no other choice, but to reevaluate her path. It was during this time that she realised she was not alone in trying to understand how to best combine her talents with her career. She realised many people don’t have the tools to answer the fundamental question: “Who am I and what should I do with my life?” Through her research and personal experiences, Nicole gained the clarity needed to create a life she loves that is congruent with who she is. 

Nicole took a deep dive into the world of self discovery, career development and finding purpose. She found that, while there were other career books available, none were created with this generation in mind, nor did they tie together the concepts of personal and professional exploration in a fluid way. She was also disappointed that so many of these books lacked visual aids, and included minimal opportunities for personal engagement. The majority of career planning resources offer just one part of the puzzle and are limited in their scope of useful information to design a life. 

‘Full Potential’ is totally different. Based on introspective self examination techniques and tactical career advancement tools developed by Nicole over years of research and practical implementation, this book brings together every aspect of career exploration in one place. Readers will experience a cohesive journey from ideation to actualisation, using interactive, engaging tools presented through the perfect amount of written guidance. 

In her own words, Nicole states, “A successful life stems from the choices you make. Reaching your full potential begins with a robust understanding of who you are and knowing what are the next steps needed to procure a life you're excited about. It doesn't matter what stage of life you are in - we all experience times of questioning what we are doing with our lives, wanting to transition careers, or wanting to excel to the next level. ‘Full Potential’ is designed to guide you through these passages so that you can lead a more fulfilling life, excel in your career and increase productivity within your work environment.”

You can start your own journey of self discovery and professional fulfilment by getting your copy of the Vekita Full Potential Guidebook in hardcover ($35) or e-book ($25) available here. Purchasing directly from our site also means you’re supporting independent authors. Go you!

About Vekita

Vekita is a professional development company that is based on individual prosperity for the overall success of our society. Vekita’s mission is to equip individuals with a strong foundation of understanding their unique attributes. Vekita offers a guidebook for achieving clarity on career and life choices, a digital platform offering services from well vetted certified life and career coaches, and retreats for people to take a deeper dive into how they want to design their lives. Vekita’s system of career architecture is based on the Vekita Full Potential Guidebook, penned by Vekita founder Nicole Serena Silver. For more information, or to inquire about the guidebook or coaching, visit Find us on social media: @vekitapd on Instagram and at 

About Nicole Serena Silver

Nicole Serena Silver is the founder of Vekita. She is also the founder and executive director of G.R.O.W (, a nonprofit organisation that builds curricula to empower students with tools that foster self discovery and help them design their futures. For more than a decade, Nicole has researched career and life alignment resources and has worked with some of the brightest minds in the industry. She has led workshops for Fortune 500 companies such as SAP, guest lectured at colleges such as U.C. Berkeley Haas, taught internationally in India, and has served as an advisor for numerous startups, including AltasGo. Stay up-to-date on Nicole’s latest projects by visiting her at and @nicolegrows on Twitter.